START DATE: Women – Monday 23rd September 2019              GRAND FINAL:  Women – Monday 9th December 2019

START DATE: Mens – Tuesdays 24th September 2019 GRAND FINAL: Mens – Tuesdays 10th December 2019

 NOMINATIONS: all team and player nominations will be done via the SportsTG system.

For new teams the link to register your team is: http://bit.ly/CBAElite2019

and for your players to register: http://bit.ly/member2team

Team contacts need to register your team and have your team members email addresses ready. Your team members will then be emailed your team code for the season – they follow the link and register themselves as a player. All players must register themselves once the team has registered.

Nominations are due by Wednesday 11th September 2019.

 ELIGIBILITY: all teams must have at least 7 registered players, with at least 6 players present at each game. Teams are permitted to have no more than 3 players that averaged over 10 minutes of court time in the State Basketball League 2019 season. Players are only permitted to play for their registered team.

 PLAYER REGISTRATION: All players must be BWA Members having paid the $30 registration fee. All players must register via http://bit.ly/member2team prior to 12pm on game day or they will not be permitted to take the court

 FIXTURES: will be released online by Wednesday 18th September 2019 and can be found at www.cougarfamily.com. Players can also download the SportsTG Game Day App to view fixtures


  • Nomination Fee $140, due Wednesday 11th September 2019
  • Weekly game fee $70 per team
  • OPTIONAL : UNIFORM PURCHASE : $25 per person for basic reversible singlet. (Must be a full team purchase.) Team contact to organise via operations@cockburncougars.com

Nomination fee must be paid in full to Cockburn Basketball via Bank Transfer by Wednesday 11th September.


BSB: 306-086

Account: 4621117

Cockburn Basketball Association

*Please put grade and team name in narration box

 TIMING: all matches shall consist of 4 eight-minute, fully timed quarters. Breaks will be 1 minute between quarters and 3 minutes at half time. Teams are permitted 2 time outs per half.

STADIUM SCORING: the results recording system – Stadium Scoring – will be used for all competition games. It is important that all players are registered in the SportsTG system by the start of the season otherwise there will be delays to games and late points will be awarded to the opposition as a consequence. New players can be added as the season continues.

It will be the responsibility of the team contact to make sure all players are entered on the electronic score card prior to the start of the game. Electronic score cards cannot be altered after the match has commenced other that by the Referee, Competition Manager, Court Manager or Games Controller. Players’ names cannot be added to the electronic score card after quarter time. It is a reportable offences to play under someone else’s name.

SHOT CLOCK: games played on Troy Clarke Court may use shot clock if qualified operator is available.

 FORFEITS: if one team is not present to play the clock will start and 2 points per minute will be added to the other teams total for each minute a team is late. If the team is not present by the end of the first quarter the game will be deemed a forfeit. Teams may commence at start time if 5 players are present but their 6th player must arrive by the end of the first quarter. fines apply and are as follows:

Notifying 24 hours before

Notifying before 3pm on game day: Match payment of $70

Late notice and no shows: double match payment $140

All forfeits are to be paid before the next game.

Any team forfeiting 3 games during the season will need to show cause as to why they should not be removed from the competition (as per by-laws)

UNIFORMS: teams must have matching tops (with clearly displayed numbers on the front and back) and must all wear the same coloured shorts with no pockets or stripes. Regulation numbers 0-99 permitted.

COMPETITION POINTS: premiership points shall be allocated for each game completed as follows:

  • Win – 3 points
  • Draw – 2 points
  • Loss – 1 point
  • Bye – 2 points
  • Forfeit – 0 points (Notified)

In the event of two or more teams being level on premiership points at the end of the qualifying matches, eligibility to compete in the finals series shall be determined on the basis of percentage of point scored ‘for’ as compared to points scored ‘against’ in the qualifying matches between the teams level on points. Teams that have forfeited during the season will take the lower place on the ladder.

 FINAL SERIES: semi finals will be 1st vs. 4th and 2nd vs. 3rd, with the winners of each game moving into the grand final. Players must have played 4 games for their team to participate in finals (byes are not counted as matches). Sick and injured players can be given special permission provided they have written permission from the Competition Manager at least one week before finals commence (letter and medical certificate need to be provided).

PRIZE MONEY: champion teams will receive $500 prize money, with the runners up to receive $140.

WARM-UP BASKETBALLS: teams must provide their own warm-up basketballs and CBA will provide a match ball for each game.

 CODE OF BEHAVIOUR: Cockburn Basketball Association has a strict “Code of Behaviour” for all players, coaches and spectators. There will be no tolerance to anti-social behaviour within the stadium and its surrounds.


Amiria Driscoll
Competition Manager