Dear Cougar Family,

We’re in this together. It’s what we do.

No doubt, everybody is impacted in some way by this current crisis. The health and well-being of each of the Cougar Family remains our biggest priority, with every decision over the past week done with each of you in mind.

We can only hope you and your families are going as well as you can in this time.

There is no denying our Association is currently facing the biggest challenge in our history. The nature of this global COVID-19 pandemic and the associated decisions by all levels of Government, Basketball Australia and Basketball Westen Australia means we have been placed in a very dificult situation.

Nothing pains us more than to not see our courts full, the smiles of our athletes, and the Cougar Family united by the sport we love.

However, no one could be prepared for this. We know this impacts our entire community and continue to work as hard as possible to see this through to the other side.

With no basketball activity at present, our revenue streams have diminished to zero.

This will be our greatest challenge.

If there is no basketball, the Cougar Family simply stops in it’s tracks.

In this challenging time for everyone, if you feel you can provide assistance to our Cougar Family in anyway, please reach out.

While we know we are not alone in working through these challenging times, we know that any assistance for our Association is going to push us to the otherside of the bridge.

Despite this, our staff are working hard to ensure we can return to normal operation as soon as possible. This includes how competitions are run, additional activity and engagement opportunities for our community (when we are permitted to do so).

This includes physical engagement activity. Our partners at Athletic Advantage are working closely with us to provide physical activity for our community at home in a world that is increasingly becoming more challenging to stay active in.

We know our family is strong, we know our family is positive and we know our family is understanding.

We will get through this together.

Thank you for your patience and support through this period.

Tyrone Thwaites
General Manager – Cockburn Basketball Association



Our home is currently closed until further notice. Staff will be working from home, with phones unmanned. If you have any queries that need answering, please contact us directly and we can assist in pointing you in the right direction

General Enquiries, WABL & SBL >>

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Our summer season’s will be deemed complete as of the final day of competition last Monday 16 March.

The CBA will acknowledge the Minor Premiers who finished on top of their respective divisions. An email regarding this will be sent later this week.

Please note, there will be no presentations or awards for this season.


We are working dilligently to plan (as best we can in this uncertain time) for a winter season in some shape or another.

When this is, and how it will look, we are unsure at this stage.

Please anticipate there will be some changes, and some challenges associated with getting competitions up and running – whenever this might be.


Registrations for these programs are currently on hold. When we receive further advice on when we can again make these available, we will share this with you.


We are in constant communication with Basketball WA, with more updates to come in the next few weeks.

All associations and Basketball WA are united in wanting a WABL season in some shape or form happening this year.

We remain optimistic this will still be the case.