The Cougar Family are proud to announce the launch of our Cougar Family Honour Board. The Honour board is to award and acknowledge Cougar Family Members that are honouring our Cougar Family Values. Include. Enjoy. Excel.

Our Cougar Values are based on our Code of Conduct which we see fitting as the criteria for any nominations for the Cougar Family Honour Board.

If you would like to nominate :

  • a referee
  • a coach
  • a volunteer
  • an Aussie Hooper
  • a female domestic player
  • a male domestic player
  • a female WABL player
  • A male WABL player

send your nominations through to Mids, with the following information:

  • Nominees Full Name:
  • Club/Team Name (if applicable)/ Aussie Hoops Program
  • Which Code(s) of Conducts they display
  • An example of when they displayed these actions and the reason you have nominated them.
  • If you have a photo of them please also attached this.