START DATE: Monday 25th March 2019                                            SEASON ENDS: Tuesday 23rd September


NOMINATIONS: all team and player registrations will be done via the SportsTG system. Current teams please use the nomination renewal email to renominate your team.  Nominations are $205, which includes a $105 compulsory payment made through registration in SportsTG when you nominate. The final $100 needs to be made to the canteen by cash or EFTPOS before Monday 3rd September. Nomination fee will increase to $240 for nominations after the due date. Late nominations will only be taken if there is space in the competition.


For new teams the link to register your team is: and for your players to register:


Team registrations are due by Monday 11th March 2019


Player registrations must be done before 12pm on Monday 25th March to avoid delays to the start of games.



Nominations Open Thursday 24th January 2019
Nominations Close Monday 11th March 2019
2018 / 19 Start Date (Nomination fees due) Monday 25th March 2019
2019 Upfront Payments Due Monday 25th March 2019
2019 Winter Season Start Date Monday 25th March 2019
NO GAMES: Easter Monday Monday 22nd April 2019
Public Holiday: (WA Day)  Games still On! Monday 4th March 2019
2018/19 Semi Finals Monday 16th September 2019
2018/19 Grand Finals Monday 23rd September 2019



Day Divisions  
Monday Mens A, B, C Womens A, B, Womens F (Fun) Grade
Tuesday Mens Vets – over 35 Mens Masters – over 50 Social Ladies – Over 30


ELIGIBILITY: players are only permitted to play for ONE TEAM on one night. Players are not to swap teams during the season unless they have written permission from the Operations Manager. Any team that uses a player that is registered to another team on the same night of play will be awarded a forfeit. Any player playing under an assumed/someone else’s name will be reported and may be suspended. The team will also be reported and forfeit the offending match.


GRADING: the Operations Manager is responsible for the grading of all teams and may alter any team’s grading where deemed necessary.


FIXTURES: can be found at Players can also download the Game Day by SportsTG App to view fixtures.



  • $105 to be paid with nomination on Sports TG (by Monday 11th March 2019
  • $100 to be paid to Cockburn Basketball via Cash or EFTPOS (by Monday 25th March 2019) Increase to $130 after this date.
  • Weekly game fee of $65. Teams must pay by cash or eftpos to the Canteen before the start of the game. A receipt will then be given to you and this receipt will be given to the referee. No games will start without both teams providing receipt of full payment to the referees.
  • UPFRONT PAYMENTS : We will accept any teams upfront payments for the full season. The total cost is $1700 for the full season. This does not include Semi and Finals games. These two game fees must be paid on the night. All forfeited games will be credited/refunded at the end of the season (Monday 9th September 2019). Upfront payments must be organised before Monday 11th March 2019.


TIMING: all senior matches shall consist of 2 twenty-minute halves with a running clock. In the GRAND FINALS only the last 3 minutes of the 2nd half will be fully timed. No time outs are allowed in the last 3 minutes of both halves, except in the 2nd half of the grand final.


STADIUM SCORING: the results recording system – Stadium Scoring – will be used for all senior competition games. It is important that all players are registered in the SportsTG system by the start of the season otherwise there will be delays to games and late points will be awarded to the opposition as a consequence. New players can be added as the season continues.


FORFEITS: teams have until the 12 minute mark of the first half to have their team on the court and ready to play. Teams must have 4 players to start a game. For each minute your team is late 2 points will be awarded to the other team provided they are ready to play. To forfeit please notify via phone – 9335 9101.

Forfeit fines apply and are as follows:

  • $65 for announced forfeits on day of game prior to 5pm
  • $130 for unannounced forfeits or announced forfeits after 5pm on game day


UNIFORMS: teams must have matching tops (with clearly displayed, regulation size numbers on the front and back) and must all wear the same coloured shorts with no pockets or stripes. Teams will be penalised 2 points per incorrect uniform item starting Monday 8th April 2019. CBA has black shorts available for purchase.


COMPETITION POINTS: premiership points shall be allocated for each game completed as follows:

  • Win – 3 points
  • Draw – 2 points
  • Loss – 1 point
  • Bye – 2 points
  • Forfeit – 0 points (Notified)

In the event of two or more teams being level on premiership points at the end of the qualifying matches, eligibility to compete in the final series shall be determined on the basis of any team having forfeited a game/s during the qualifying rounds will take the lower position on the ladder. All things being equal between the teams overall percentage will be used to decide the final placings.


FINAL SERIES: Semi finals will be 1st vs. 4th and 2nd vs. 3rd, with the winners of each game moving into the grand final. In divisions where there are 8 are more teams; the competition will be split into 2 divisions for finals. Players must have played 6 games for their team to participate in finals (byes are not counted as matches). Sick and injured players who are registered and have played one game or more for the season may apply to the Operations Manager in writing not later than one week before the commencement of the finals, to be qualified for the finals (letter and medical certificate need to be provided).


CODE OF BEHAVIOUR: Cockburn Basketball Association has a strict “Code of Behaviour” for all players, coaches and spectators. There will be no tolerance to anti-social behaviour within the stadium and its surrounds. CBA also has a Technical Foul Policy, where on your 2nd and any subsequent tech fouls in a season you will be suspended for a week or more.


WARM-UP BALLS: Senior teams must provide their own warm up basketball and CBA will provide a match ball for each game.


The above are extracted for the Association’s Competition Rules. Please see the Rules if you require further clarification.


Amiria Driscoll
Operations Manager